Akaliza Gara has been working since she was a teenager in a remarkable assortment of environments: from up-and-coming businesses to youth centres and from university cafeterias to inner city office buildings. In addition, she has travelled to, and lived in, over 13 countries spanning 5 continents. This has not only provided her with a rare insight into the values shared by and unique to different cultures and ethnic groups but also given her the opportunity to encounter a range of colourful personalities. Through these experiences she developed an exceptionally creative and open mind and unconventional way of viewing the world allowing her to easily adapt and flourish in new and challenging settings.

Akaliza has a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology and has a broad and ever-increasing portfolio of graphic design, website development and animation work. She decided to start Shaking Sun as a platform to explore, develop and realise her many ambitious ideas and creations. She has already collected a valuable collection of contacts through her work and travels that will provide the business a kick-start in finding an already loyal and trusting client base.